Loughborough Lions awarded Sport England Grant

Loughborough Lions Volleyball Club has recently received funding from Sport England to run their ‘Front Line’ project through until summer 2010.  They are looking to provide free qualifications and educational opportunities for 10 people in Loughborough and the surrounding area.  They will go though a number of initiatives to help gain qualifications within volleyball. In return you will have the opportunity to use your qualifications to coach in local schools and disability groups.

A scholarship is ideal for anyone who wants to gain more qualifications and develop their understanding of volleyball. It is also useful to anyone looking into going on to a teaching training course or any form of sports coaching.

A Lions Scholarship Coach can expect:
• UKCC Level 1 – Volleyball (27/28th Feb and 7th March)
• scUK Disability Awareness Course
• scUK Working with Young People Course
• 100% Me Anti Doping Education
• Lions Coaches Development Day to look at the Let’s Play Volleyball Framework and Sitting Volleyball
• Mentoring with current Club Coaches and shadowing at sessions
• Lions Coaches Stash

What Loughborough Lions will expect in return:

1. A commitment to volunteer for the club and link with one of our partnered
schools or disability groups. (Maximum 2 hours a week)
2. A photo for our website!
…and that’s it!

If this opportunity interests you then please copy the application form from further down this message and return it to Matt
Rogers (matt@lionsvc.co.uk) by the 31st January 2010.

Any current coaching or volleyball qualifications:
Interested in (please state): Junior Volleyball (u18s) OR Sitting Volleyball
Reason why you thing you should be nominated for the scholarship:
(maximum 200 words)