East Midlands Volleyball AGM and Awards Night 2017

Volleyball Review – End of Year

Over the summer the EMVA held the Annual General Meeting and awards evening.  As always, the volunteers that make up the committee come together with members of the various clubs across the East Midlands.

Especially important is to celebrate the volleyball achievements from the past 12 months and discuss how to improve and increase volleyball participation across the region.

Junior Volleyball

On top of what local clubs do for their junior players the EMVA has been supporting this with the regional development training squads.

Secondly, the Grand Prix competitions have been instrumental in helping our juniors to be match ready for the Inter-regionals.  The inter-regionals are held annually at the end of indoor season in May.
Volleyball Grand Prix Juniors - girls

Volleyball grand prix Juniors - boys

U15 Inter County GP winners – Northamptonshire
U17 Boys Grand Prix winners – Hermitage
U17 Girls Grand Prix winners – Ashfield Vipers

Congratulations to all our junior Grand Prix winners.

Beach competition – U18s East Midlands

U18s beach volleyball 2017Obviously, the inaugural Junior 2 vs 2 competition is especially relevant.  Therefore this constitutes another milestone in the junior development program.

Well done to overall winners Emily and Mya.

Finally, a massive thank you to all the coaches and parents that make sure this all happens.

As shown above, with the various opportunities that have been created over the last couple of years there is ever increasing Junior volleyball activity visible across the region.


East Midlands Regional Volleyball League

Most noteworthy, is that a record number of 13 men’s teams entered into the 2016-17 leagues and now there are 7 women’s teams too.  Rules on allowing a limited number of NVL players into Div 1 of both men and women keeps it competitive.  Whereas, allowing men’s 2 division to have mixed sex teams has kept the development league thriving.

Womens Volleyball League | East Midlands

East Mids womens league table 2016-17


Women’s Div – Winners – Ashfield Vipers

Runners up – Darkstar


Mens Volleyball League | East Midlands

East Mids Mens 1 league table 2016-17
Men’s Div 1 – Winners – Darkstar II

Runners up – Polonia Leicester


East Mids Mens 2 league table 2016-17
Men’s Div 2 – Winners – Hermitage

Runners up – Loughborough Students



Congratulations to all our league winners and runners up last night at the East Midlands Awards Evening.

East Midlands Volleyball league 2017/18 – Open for registrations

East Mids womens league table 2016-17 - complete

20 teams entered the East Midlands regional volleyball league last year, the highest number for over 10 years.

With a new team entering the womens league – Leicester Athena and Lincoln men re-entering the mens league after taking a break to concentrate fully on the National volleyball league.

Registration is now open for the new 2017-18 season.. Current teams need to re-register and there are always openings available to any new team wanting to join.  A new team doesnt have to be part of a traditional club, it can be a social group that can commit to play home and away games and are willing to play to East Midlands (and therefore Volleyball England) rules. See attached the registration documents.



If you would like to discuss this further please get in touch with the EMVA at fixtures@eastmidlandsvb.com

NEWS FLASH – new team for 2017/18 season… before registration even opened we were contacted by Nottm Trent Uni to enter. Welcome to the league the ‘Trent Army’

The final tables for 2016/17…








East Mids Mens 1 league table 2016-17 - complete








East Mids Mens 2 league table 2016-17 - complete









Well done to the winners – Darkstar womens 2, Darkstar mens 2 and Hermitage Men.

Hermitage men and Loughborough Students men have been promoted to Mens Div 1.

Good luck for the new season everybody.

East Mids volleyball league registration 2016-17

Hello everyone


Its that time of year again where we ask for current league teams to re-register and ask for new teams to join us.

Congratulations to the league winners

Womens 1Darkstar Derbyshire     (Runners Up – Ashfield Vipers)

Mens 1Melton Men                         (Runners Up – Kettering)

Mens 2Darkstar Derbyshire           (Runners Up – Leicester VC)


And the MVPs from each league


Womens 1Jess Stock (Nottm Rockets)

Mens 1Kris Kuksa (Nottm Casualties)

Mens 2 –  Calvin Moss (Belper Hammers)



The format for this year…..

Melton men have decided to drop out of Div 1 to allow them to concentrate more on their NVL (MN2) commitment (possibly putting a team into Div 2 instead). This means that both Darkstar 3 and Leicester VC are automatically promoted from Div 2 to Div 1.. congratulations to both teams.


So provisionally we have the following


Mens 1                                         Mens 2                                                    Womens 1

Kettering                           Hermitage                                    Darkstar womens 2

Polonia  Leicester            Belper Hammers                        Ashfield Vipers

Darkstar mens 2               Ashfield Vipers                                       Nottm Rockets

Nottm Casualties             Loughborough Uni students                Hermitage

Darkstar mens 3               Northampton Outlanders                    Lincoln Leopards

Leicester VC                                                                                       Loughborough Uni students


This is all dependent on teams above re-registering and we are aware that there are a number of potential teams that have expressed an interest in joining up too.

If we have enough new teams sign up we will look at adding a second womens league and possibly a 3rd men’s league.


It is still the case that Mens Div 2 teams can have women playing for them.  We hope this allows new teams to establish themselves and hopefully in the future get enough women interested in playing that they can submit a team in to the womens league as well.


NVL players –   we allow NVL registered players to participate in the East Mids leagues. 

Mens 1 – max of 4 on court at anytime (including libero)        

Mens 2 – max of 3 on court at anytime (including libero)

Womens – max of 3 on court at anytime (including libero)

U18s at the date of 01/09/16 are classed as U18s for the whole season and are not counted as NVL players.


We appreciate that it is difficult to find court time, referees and volunteers to score etc… How about considering organising triangulars? Need help with anything at all just get in touch


Registration forms for teams and players are attached with this seasons rules.  Any questions let me know.


Also attached is a county contact form.. can we ask that all county associations and clubs fill this in as much as they can as we are always battling to have up to date contact information.


Can you contact us as soon as possible to say you want to re-register or submit a new team please.  Forms need to be sent back before the end of September.

Fixtures Secretary
East Midlands Volleyball Association


OPENED – New team applications for East mids volleyball leagues

volleyball volunteers

Most counties in the East mids region organise leagues and/or competitions through the standard season (Sept to May) whether it is mixed-sex leagues, mens & womens leagues or grand prix style events.

These cater for social / recreational groups as well as clubs that compete in the regional and national leagues.

Every year the East Midlands Volleyball Association opens up applications to all groups, clubs and entities that are interested in competing in the EMVA regional league.

We will consider any application from inside the East midlands region (and possibly if you are just outside).

We have 1x womens league and 2x mens leagues (D1 & D2) with the Mens Div 2 accepting applications from mixed-sex teams.

This was introduced last year to help new or developing clubs compete at a higher level than just the local scene and if they dont have enough players to submit a womens team or mens team entirely it will hellp them to grow.

The level in all 3 leagues is competitive and many teams feature National league players (restricted numbers on court).

We recommend a minimum of 8 players committed to the team to make it viable.

So if you are an established group or club that wants to enter into the league or a new club that needs an outlet to play against others get in touch.

League applications

East Midlands social volleyball league is back for summer 2016

Last year saw a wide group of players from all 4 corners of the East mids region descend on the sand courts at Loughborough University. Each Tuesday evening they were split into random groups of players and played a series of mini games.  It starts again from 7th June onwards.

How does it work?

At each event points are awarded to teams depending on their ranking.  Every player takes those points forward to the next event they attend. The points accumalate over summer and on the final Tuesday evening a King and Queen of the court are crowned based on who has the highest number of points.

For more information visit the Facebook page for sign up details



East Mids Volleyball Leagues 2015-16

The East Midlands Volleyball league is now underway and good luck to you all.

Womens League
Ashfield Vipers
Nottm Rockets
Loughborough Students
Darkstar Derby
Lincoln Leopards

6 teams again and its good to see that Lincoln have managed to stay in the league as well as joining the NVL.
Are there any more womens teams out there?

Mens 1 League
Nottm Casualties
Polonia Leicester
Darkstar Derby 2
Kettering 1
Unfortunately Lincoln men who have been very strong over the last few years have decided to enter the NVL this year which has meant they dont have enough non-NVL players (max of 3x NVL players on court rule) to play.. We wish them well. Polonia and Kettering were promoted at the end of last season. 
Mens 2 League
Ashfield Vipers
Chesterfield Cobras
Loughborough Students
Darkstar Derby 3
Northampton Outlanders VC
Belper Hammers VC
Leicester VC
Mens 2 has seven teams this year with 2 brand new teams (Leicester & Belper) and Darkstar Derby have entered a 2nd mens team and and on top of that we almost had 2 more (Derby VC & Loughborough Panthers).. maybe next season.

Team applications open for 2015-16 East Midlands Volleyball Leagues

We hope you had a good summer break and feel ready for the new season. Registration is now open for the Men’s 1,2 and Women’s East Mids leagues.  We need all of last years teams to re-register and if there are any new teams / clubs that would like to join us please get in touch.

Last seasons tables are here – Men and Women and the Most Valued Players (MVPs) are as follows..

Womens – Rhia Symmonds (Nottm Rockets)

Mens 1 – Kevin Weise (Hermitage)

Mens 2 – C Sobczyk (Chesterfield Cobras)

The AGM and awards evening for teams and players is being planned for Tuesday 22nd September.. details to follow


Mens volleyball league #1 & #2 update – March


With 5 months gone and 3 months remaining the Mens leagues are starting to take take shape.

Division 1 has split into 2 groups with the top 3 in contention to be champions and the bottom 3 fighting it out in the relegation spots. Bottom of the league automatically gets relegated with the 2nd from bottom having to play a head to head decider with the 2nd team in Div 2. 


The race is hotting up in Mens 2 with the three new league entrants topping the league at the moment. Its all to play for and anyone could win the league so long as they manage to play all their matches.

The newly introduced MVP scheme (Most valued player) works in the same way as the Volleyball England scheme.

The top MVP of each league will win an award at the end of the season.

Mens MVP_-_updated_march15

 As always – the results displayed so far are based on the recorded match results sent to fixtures@eastmidlandsvb.com and all new results will be updated on a regular basis



Womens volleyball league 2014-15 – March update


With 3 months left of the 2014-15 season and the womens table is looking mighty close. Ashfield vipers have actually lost 1 match this season and just winning some others by the skin of their teeth. Also, after seeing some of the other matches in this league I can see the standard has been raised in the other teams as well.

This means  that at the moment there are 4 teams in contention to be league champions this year.

A new MVP (most valued player) system (as per Volleyball England national leagues) has been incorporated into our leagues this year with the highest MVP winning an award at the end of the season.

 4A.Oke – Lincoln Leopards
 1M.Babinska – Darkstar
 1S.Bertts – Ashfield Vipers
 1R.Murray – Darkstar
 1E.Prina – Nottm Rockets
 1C.Greaves – Hermitage
 1M.Worley – Ashfield Vipers
 1A.Kenilworthy – Ashfield
 1A.Burt – Hermitage
 1H.Fletcher – Hermitage
 1R.Symmonds – Nottm Rockets





International beach volleyball in the UK – December 2014

Volleyball England are pleased to announce that the Northern European Volleyball Zonal Association (NEVZA) Beach Championships will take place at the indoor beach facility at LeAF Academy in Bournemouth from 5th-7th December 2014.

International beach athletes from England, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland will take part in the final NEVZA beach event to take place in Europe this year.

CEV President Mr. Andre Meyer stated “It is fantastic that the final NEVZA Zonal Beach competition of 2014 will take place at the indoor beach facility, LeAF Academy in Bournemouth, England over the weekend of 5th-7th December 2014. This will be the fourth international event hosted by Volleyball England this year and we are very pleased to see the English Federation being more active within the CEV community. The CEV wishes all the participating athletes the best of luck.”

For more information visit the VE website – NEVZA beach volleyball – december 2014

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