New Five-Year Youth and Community Sport Strategy Launched

‘Creating A Sporting Habit For Life’ New Five-Year Youth and Community Sport Strategy Launched!

Sport England and Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt have announced details of a new five-year youth and community sport strategy that will deliver on Lord Coe’s 2012 Games bid promise to inspire a generation to get involved in sport.

Between 2012 and 2017 over £1 billion of National Lottery and Exchequer funding will be invested to create a meaningful and lasting community sport legacy by growing sports participation at the grassroots level.

Under the new strategy, every secondary school in England is set to host a community sports club, and £10 million will be made available to open up school sport facilities for wider public use.

In 2017, five years after the London Olympic and Paralympic Games, they want to have transformed sport in England so that playing sport becomes a lifelong habit for more people and a regular choice for the majority. In particular, we want to raise the number of 14- to 25-year-olds playing sport.

National governing bodies (NGBs) will continue to play a pivotal role in increasing participation, particularly among young people. And, as the Secretary of State has outlined, a tougher regime of payment-by-results will be a fundamental feature of our performance management system. This will be coupled with a new incentive fund to enable those doing exceptionally well to achieve more.

County sports partnerships will support NGBs, foster local links and help transition young people into clubs. We will support and work with local authorities through our advocacy tools and investment including a new community activation fund.

Partners including the National Partners, StreetGames, the Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust, the Youth Sport Trust and others will add value and support our work.

“Changing the sporting behaviour of a generation is a major challenge which has not been achieved by any other Olympic host nation,” said Sport England Chief Executive Jennie Price. “With a new focus on young people and an even tougher, Government-backed, regime of payment by results, Sport England and its partners are determined to deliver.”

Under the strategy:

– Every one of the 4,000 secondary schools in England, will be offered a community sport club on its site with a direct link to one or more NGBs, depending on the local clubs in its area 

– County sports partnerships will be given new resources to create effective links locally between schools and sport in the community  

– All secondary schools who wish to do so will be supported to open up, or keep open, their sports facilities for local community use and at least a third of these will receive additional funding to make this happen

– 150 College Sports Makers working across most of the 347 general FE colleges 

– Three-quarters of the university student population (aged 16-24) – that’s over 900,000 young people – will get a chance to take up a new sport or continue playing a sport they enjoyed in school or college

– A thousand of our most disadvantaged local communities will get a Door Step Club

-Two thousand young people on the margins of society will be supported into sport and to gain new life skills by the Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust

-There will be a new £40 million local sport fund to help local authorities improve sport provision

– Building on the early success of Places People Play, a further £100m will be invested in new facilities for the most popular sports, for example new artificial pitches and upgrading local swimming pools

– A minimum of 30 sports will have enhanced England Talent Pathways to ensure young people and others fulfil their potential.

In future, NGB investment will start at age 14 to ensure a better transition from school sport and create a sporting habit for life through increasing participation overall.

The sporting legacy was given a further boost today when Sainsbury’s pledged a £10 million package to support the new School Games Competition over the next four years, alongside other additional funding including £8 million from Sport England.

Jeremy Hunt said: “We are absolutely determined to leave a real and lasting legacy for young people from London’s Olympic and Paralympic Games, and the Sainsbury’s School Games will help do just that.  The fantastic funding package announced today – from Sainsbury’s, adidas and the Department of Health – shows the commitment to completely transform competitive sport in schools. I want to thank Sainsbury’s and adidas for their generosity in helping to secure the future of the School Games beyond 2012.”

Sport England is investing up to £35.5 million of National Lottery funding in the School Games. More details of today’s announcement on the School Games can be found here.

Volley Sport 2 v 2

Volley Sport is the introductory element of Lets Play Volleyball and is aimed at beginners or young players with little or no experience of volleyball.   For schools it is aimed at Key Stage 1 and 2 age groups.

VolleySport helps young people to:

  • Understand basic concepts of attack and defence whilst coordinating space and time.
  • Develop communication and cooperation with a team mate.
  • Acquire the fundamentals of movement and key sending / recieving skills (run, jump, catch, throw).
  • Understand the basic rules and refereeing.


Volley Sport Rules

Court size 7m x 3m

Scoring – 1 set to 15 or 6 mins max

No time outs
Rotation of players on service

Catch and throw allowed on first contact

Serve must be an underarm two handed throw

Contact with feet is forbidden

VolleySport Courses/Resources

There is a 4/6 hour VolleySport Course that is run through Volleyball England and a pack of task cards available for all that attend it.

For more information on courses and resource packs please visit the Volleyball England webpage or e-mail

Sitting Volleyball in Schools

Sitting Volleyball is a great game that can be played by absolutely anyone.  Many Schools up and down the country use the sport as part of inclusive sports days or Paralympic sports days.  The final version of the game can be adapted to suit the needs of any group.  Please click here to see what Volleyball England suggest for schools for Sitting Volleyball.

Burleigh College Case Study

On Wednesday the 30th of September, Burleigh College in Loughborough hosted an Inclusive Sports day which included a game called Seated Volleyball. This was an adapted version of Sitting Volleyball which allowed players to catch the ball and for the ball to bounce once, but was still played sat on the floor over the low net. Each team had a chance to play 2 matches and everyone seemed to enjoy getting involved.

The East Midlands Volleyball Association Disability Sport Development Officer, Richard Stacey-Chapman who helped with the event said “the day was a great success; the young people gained an idea of the movement principles of Sitting Volleyball and most importantly had a lot of fun!”
At the end of the event the young people were also given information about the sport to develop their knowledge and invited to the Loughborough Lions Sitting Volleyball training session which meets every Friday at 7.30pm at Loughborough College.

There is also training in the East Midlands at Lincoln on a Tuesday at 7:30.

For more information please contact

Many Thanks

Two East Midlands Schools to receive grants from Ruth Nicholls Volleyball Foundation

Following the announcement in December of £2500 of funding for schools; Portland School and Ashfield School (Nottinghamshire) will recieve £250 of equipment grants to work on developing volleyball at grass roots level.

Keith Nicholls commented ” This demonstrates the amazing amount of work being carried out by teachers and volunteers to establish volleyball in schools and their need for assistance. While the family found it heartening that so much effort was being made by so many we were disappointed that we had to make difficult decisions on who to support. With the addition of more funds and the tremendous help of our suppliers we managed to give assistance to the following seventeen schools this time round.”

Schools in East Midlands:
Portland School – Nottinghamshire
Ashfield School – Nottinghamshire

Other Schools:
Redcar Community – Cleveland
Branksome Darlington – Co Durham
Haughton School – Co Durham
Rodillian School – Yorkshire
Kettlethorpe High School – Yorkshire
Manningtree High School – Essex
Ardleigh St Mary’s Primary – Essex
Oakdale South Road Middle School – Dorset
Brookfield Community School – Hampshire
St Pauls Catholic College – West Sussex
Cherwell School – Oxfordshire
St Thomas Moore School – Warwickshire
Higham Lane HS – Warwickshire
Etone HS – Warwickshire
Queen Elizabeth Nuneaton – Warwickshire

The Ruth Nicholls Volleyball Foundation was established in memory of Ruth a committed PE teacher, coach and player. Established by family and friends the Foundation aims to support grass roots involvement and development of the sport she loved.


Joseph Whitaker Celebrate 1000 days to go to the Paralympics in style…

On Thursday 3rd December 2009, Joseph Whitaker Sports College in Mansfield celebrated 1000 days till the start of the Paralympic Games in London, by holding an Interform event for pupils in Years 7, 8 and 9.

Over 600 pupils were involved, taking part in Paralympic sports such as Sitting Volleyball, Goalball, Seated Table Tennis and Boccia.

All pupils thoroughly enjoyed the event and it proved to be a huge success, with pupils explaining at the end of each session how difficult these activities are! 

Volleyball is now an integral part of the curriculum at Joseph Whitaker Sports College. All pupils in Years 9 and 10 now have the option of studying volleyball, with extra curricular clubs running at the school. Joseph Whitaker recently competed in the first volleyball inter school activity against Ashfield School, triumphing 3-2. Four pupils are now competing at Inter Regional Level for the East Midlands Boys Under 15 / 17’s.

For more information please contact

Leicestershire Schools Competitions

SCHOOL vs SCHOOL COMPETITION…Who will be crowned the Regional Champions…?

With competitions in schools being started across the East Midlands the dates are set for the Leicestershire Schools School Sport Partnership and County rounds.

The format for competition for 2009-10 will be mixed sex, 4v4 on a badminton sized court as per the Volleyball Competition Framework.

Dates for the School Sport Partnership Rounds are confirmed as:

Crown Hills / Lancaster – venue tbc – 3rd December 
Burleigh – venue – w/k commencing 21st January (tbc by the end of the month)
South Charnwood – Roundhill Community College – Tuesday 12th Jan, 4-6pm
Leicester City – Fullhurst Community College – 3rd December 4–6pm
Melton and Rutland will be entering a team straight into the county final

Teams will then qualify through to a County Final which will be held on Thursday 21st January.

The top teams from this will then qualify for the Regional Finals which will be held in May/June as part of the selection process for the 2010-11 East Midlands Regional Development Squads.

Grants for Schools Available

outdoors volleyball

The Ruth Nicholls Volleyball Foundation was set up by family and friends in memory of Ruth, a keen volleyball and PE teacher who died of cancer in 2007.

Ruth was passionate about increasing participation levels in young people and the Foundation aims to support grass roots development of volleyball particularly in schools.

The Foundation has already helped sponsor the Volleyball England Young Leaders Award as well as a number of junior clubs and schools.

Applications are invited for grants of up to £250 from schools. The grants will be to support efforts to develop participation and could be used towards for example;  Interschool volleyball festivals, Teaching nets or Indoor posts, Grass posts/nets.

Schools wishing to apply for the grants are invited to register their interest by 12th December 2009 by sending details of their school volleyball programme and how they would use the grant to;

Volley Sport 3 v 3

Mini Volley is the second element of Lets Play Volleyball and is aimed to build on players experiences of Volley Sport. For schools it is aimed at Key Stage 3 and players with little previous experience.

Mini Volley helps young people to:

• Identify individuals strengths and weaknesses, control space and time using a range of shots..
• Link with team mates to build attack and cover court space.
• Refine fundamentals (catch,jump,spike), develop a variety of new skills for attack and defence.
• Apply basic rules and refereeing.

Mini Volley Rules

1 set to 21 or 10-12 mins playing time

Contact of the ball is allowed by any part of the body

If the ball hits a block 3 touches are still allowed

Rotation must occur when team wins a point a substitute must rotate on

Rotation must occur if the server is successful at 3 continuous serves

Mini Volley Courses/Resources

There is a 4/6 hour Mini Volley Course that is run through Volleyball England and a pack of task cards available for all that attend it.
For more information on courses and resource packs please visit the Volleyball England webpage or e-mail

Volley Sport 4 v 4

Super Mini Volley is the third element of Lets Play Volleyball and is the key link in the transition from small sided games to 6v6. For schools it is aimed at Key Stage 4 or those with a sound foundation in Mini Volleyball.

Super Mini Volley helps young people to:

• Identify opponents strengths and weaknesses and make decisions about using a variety of tactical systems..
• Coordinate with team mates to support and cover attacking and blocking players.
• Advance game specific skills aimed at ending rallies and scoring points.
• Apply and adapt basic rules and refereeing.

Super Mini Volley Rules

1 set to 25

Double contact rule is introduced

Time outs are introduced 2 per set

Any part of the body can contact the ball

Playing the ball off the net is allowed

Serve that hits the net and falls in is legal

Super Mini Volley Courses/Resources

There is a 4/6 hour Super Mini Volley Course that is run through Volleyball England and a pack of task cards available for all that attend it.
For more information on courses and resource packs please visit the Volleyball England webpage or e-mail