AGM Minutes July 2009


East Midlands Volleyball Association

2008-2009 Annual General Meeting – Wednesday 29th July 2009

Held at Rushcliffe Leisure Centre, Nottingham


Janet Inman      

Paul Lamb

Navaz Sutton

Donna Lill

Howard Tomlinson

Rich Stacey-Chapman

Andy Skinner

Rebecca Kelly

Matt Rogers

Suzy Stevenson

Mike Walters

James Ledger



Amy Seaman

Rebecca Saunders

Adam Chippendale



Alex Mulligan

Phil Cobb

Scott Adams

Dave Gardner – was unable to be contacted


Chairs Welcome

·        Janet welcomed everyone to the AGM

·        It was good to see a big turnout; its normally a small group that attend


Matters arising from the last AGM

·        No matters arising


Strategic update on the new Volleyball England plan 09-13

·         Janet spoke to the group about the recent movements from Volleyball England

·        9 new initiatives – additional events

·        Volleyball will receive 5.6 million pounds over the next 4 years

·        Initiatives 1,2,3,4 and possibly 8 are ones in which we will be looking at as a region; these are additional to the funding for existing programmes i.e. RTDP, NVL

·        Everyone received a copy of the Strategic Plan and the Annual Report



·         Treasurer

o       Phil Cobb was unable to attend at last minute therefore no report was given

o        At the start of the year the account stood at around £9000; at the end of the year the account stands at around £6800

·         Coaching

o       Paul Lamb produced a brief report on coaching/inter-regional performances from the past season

o       There is currently a great team of coaches involved in the RTDP; it is hoped that they continue their hard work in future years

o       We are looking to start Inter-Regional preparations early next year with all squads attending all arranged sessions

o       There are going to be at least three UKCC Level 1 courses and one Level 2 next season

o       There is an FIVB course being held in August which is available for all Scholarship coaches

o       All Level 1 courses will now be UKCC

·         Officials

o       Dave Gardner was unable to attend the meeting therefore no report was given

·         EVA Liason

o       Janet has been covering the role as EVA Liason as she has regular contact with the EVA

o       See above notes on Strategic Update

·         Competitions/League

o        Melton won the league and went through to play in the Champions Trophy

o        10 teams played in the EMVA men’s league this season

o        A big thank you goes to Ian Tuckwood for once again running the league; Ian will no longer be running the league

o       Some of the teams in the league were slow to get started with their fixtures

o       Next season the EMVA will be hosting a Women’s League, there is already interest from Lincoln, Loughborough, Nottingham and Worksop; format of the league is still TBC

o       The Women’s competition ran in Nottingham last season turned out a great success

o       Lincoln Cannons Volleyball Club have offered to run the Cup competition; this will more than likely take place as a one day event

o       Suzy Stevenson has offered to be secretary of the Women’s League

o       Adam Chippendale has also shown interest in starting up an EMVA mixed league

·         Junior Development

o       This years Inter-Regional Championships proved very successful this year for the East Midlands Team

o       We had no secretary this year; this proved to make things quite difficult in terms of getting information out to everyone

o       Discussions took place on all squads attending all of the training sessions that are pre-arranged; however it was argued by some that this makes it harder to get new players involved

o       It has been agreed that a meeting will take place early on in the season to set dates for trials/training


County Reports

·        Lincolnshire

o       Janet Inman produced a county report for Lincolnshire

·         Leicestershire

o       Matt Rogers gave a brief overview – he is to send his report out

·         Nottinghamshire

o       Paul Lamb produced a county report for Nottinghamshire

o       The county is utilising Sport Unlimited funding

o       All clubs are continuing to run however, Arena are struggling and require support

o       They are hoping to set up an association as they have not had one in years

·          Northamptonshire

o       We now have a contact for Northamptonshire Volleyball – Karen York

o        Two coaches have achieved their Level 2 coaching award

o        Junior training sessions have been and will be held on Sunday’s at Pemberton Sports Centre in Rushden

o        Local League ran as usual with 10 teams taking part; a Women’s league also ran

o        Rushden Men’s team won the league

o        Someone is currently working on funding to support their Junior Development

o        Rushden Raiders gained a community grant to support their Junior Development Programme

·         Derbyshire

o       No representative was present

o       Need to get them engaged


Election of Officers





Vice Chair / Marketing



EVA Liason

Competitions Secretary (Men’s)

Competitions Secretary (Women’s)

Competitions Secretary (Mixed)

Coaching Administrator

Officials Administrator

Junior Development Officer


Disability Sport Development Officer

Janet Inman

Amy Seaman

Suzy Stevenson

Phil Cobb

Janet Inman

Howard Tomlinson

Suzy Stevenson

Adam Chippendale

Steve Jones

Dave Gardner

Navaz Sutton / Paul Lamb

Matt Rogers / Rebecca Saunders

Rich Stacey-Chapman


·        All of the above officers will remain in post until the next AGM



County Representatives









Janet Inman / Navaz Sutton

Phil Cobb

Paul Lamb






·        Howard has taken the Wilkinson Sword to get it engraved with previous winners (since 2002)

·        Janet to ensure that trophies are rewarded for Melton (league winners)

·        Previous league winners will receive a match ball as nothing was rewarded in previous years

·        The EVA Awards Ceremony took place at the weekend; Navaz Sutton won Young Coach of the Year and was awarded with his trophy as he was unable to attend the ceremony due to assistant coaching at the England Cadet training camp

·        It was asked that coaching and referee courses are well advertised in advance; Janet is to speak to Dave Gardner and Holly

·        EMVA are looking into running a SCUK Equity in your coaching course which will be available free of charge but a deposit will be required to ensure attendance

·        There is also demand for scorers and line judging courses in the region

·        The East Midlands Let’s Play Volleyball event is taking place on 26th September at Lincoln Castle

·        The Skegness Beach Grand Prix is taking place over the weekend 22nd/23rd August; a recreational competition is also taking place alongside the main event on the 22nd

o       Channel Lincolnshire will be filming at the event

·        A proposal is now required to request funding from the EMVA – Suzy to create a template

·        There will be four EMVA meeting plus the AGM next year

·        Sub-groups will be formed and will meet more regularly to discuss related issues in more depth; Competitions & Events; Junior Development

·        It has been discussed that committee members can have an email address that links directly to the website

·        Lincolnshire are continuing to run their Freestyle Grand Prix (Junior League)

o       Players receive individual and club ranking points

o       Either 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 depending on numbers attending

o       There are 9 meet days over the season – Saturdays 1000-1300

o       Everyone will play 10 games (timed)

o       Age groups = U14s & U17s

o       Lincolnshire had 30 juniors take part last season

·        Navaz to send out FGP dates to all contacts

·        Lincolnshire also continue to run the Lincolnshire Junior Development Programme every Saturday around the FGP

·        Everyone to send team information and photo’s to Rebecca & Matt so they can put them on the website


The next executive meeting will be held on Monday 28th September 2009 at Rushcliffe Leisure Centre


Future Meeting Dates

·        Monday 28th September 2009

·        Tuesday 15th December 2009

·        Wednesday 17th March 2010

·        Thursday 17th June 2010

Sitting Referee Oppourtunity

Sitting volleyball is a fast, exciting and enjoyable sport for athletes with disabilities and able-bodied people! This is the first sitting volleyball referee course in England, and provides a great opportunity to get in at ‘ground level’ on sitting volleyball refereeing in England. Volleyball England is developing eight sitting volleyball clubs around England who will meet regularly during the season for tournaments—initially two tournaments in December 2009 and April 2010 are planned, and more will follow in the 2010-11 season.

The course will cover the key differences in rules and refereeing the sitting game, and will be taught by Steve Walton, who is an international sitting volleyball referee and also an international sitting volleyball referee instructor for WOVD, the international governing body of the sitting and standing games.

You will receive the sitting volleyball rule book and a document on the key differences from the ‘indoor volleyball’ rules before the course. The morning will include theoretical teaching, the exam to qualify for the new Grade C sitting volleyball referee qualification, and the afternoon will give you chance to practise refereeing on some scrimmage matches.

To take the course, you should be a qualified referee in ‘indoor’ volleyball—this means you should either be a currently registered and active referee or have taken a Grade 4 referee course in the last 3 years.

If you are not qualified in this way, you may attend the course and take the exam, but you will not be recognised as a sitting volleyball referee by Volleyball England until you also take and pass a Grade 4 ‘indoor’ volleyball referee course.

The day takes place on Sunday 8 November 2009, starting at 9.30 am—please arrive promptly. The first part, up to 1.00 pm, will include the theoretical teaching and the exam. After lunch we are planning for you to do some practical sitting volleyball refereeing, so please bring your referee uniform and equipment. You will be free to go by 4.00 pm.

The course takes place at the Kettering Conference Centre, which is becoming the home of English and British sitting volleyball. Directions:

For more information please contact Steve Walton at

Many Thanks

Grade IV Referee Course running in Derby!


There is a Volleyball England Referee Grade 4 Course planned for October in the East Midlands.  Grade for is the introductory level which is designed to

“This grade is awarded to candidates who attend a two day course and successfully complete a theory examination on the rules of volleyball and use of the scoresheet.  The course comprises both theory and practical sessions but assessment of practical refereeing is not compulsory. The minimum age for this course is 16 years of age. Grade 4 Referees should attempt to obtain as much experience at local level as possible, before applying to be assessed for Grade 3. “
Volleyball England Website

Course Details

Cost: £25

GAD Club,
22 Cotton Brook Road,
DE23 8YJ 

17th and 24nd October 2009


How to get on the course:
Any intersted candidates can join the course by contacting

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