East Mids beach tourney and AGM

volleyball coach
We have come to the end of yet another volleyball season and most clubs are organising which summer tournaments they are going to attend,  maybe Sandbanks, Bridlington, Bath, Cambridge  which seem to be East Mids favourites or something further afield.
Well how about something a little closer to home?
East Mids  VB Association want to hold their AGM soon and would like to invite all players, clubs and volunteers to Loughborough University Sports Park and as the Uni has 3x beach courts to take part in a mini tournament (date to be arranged)
junior volleyballApart from celebrating the  league winners of the 2x men’s divisions and the women’s league and how well the juniors did at the national event (Inter-regionals) in London recently we are also looking for people interested in volunteering with the EMVA.. positions available are…
Chair person
Womens league secretary
Mens league secretary
Coach development officer
Referee development officer
Sitting volleyball development officervolleyball volunteers
Child welfare officer
Web admin officer
Junior coaches
We are looking for people that are prepared to make a difference and be proactive in the East Mids community.
Do you know someone who maybe interested in volunteering to help the east mids volleyball community grow and strengthen?
Also .. are you interested in playing in our beach volleyball event?
Get in touch.. let us know at EAST MIDS AGM contact