Volleyball England – Changes to welfare officer requirements


You may have already seen this, however we asked for clarification on certain aspects. We were told the following..

All Volleyball England affiliated clubs MUST have in place a welfare officer before the start of the 2016/17 season, also that welfare officer but have attended the the Sport Coach UK Safeguarding and Protecting Children Course.

This is regardless of whether your club caters for Under 18’s or not, except Colleges and Universities that already have welfare provision in place.

“if clubs cater for under 18’s the Time to Listen Workshop detailed in the email below must also be attended by the welfare officer.”

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Book now onto our Time To Listen Courses
Six scheduled so far across England
Time To Listen (TTL) is a volleyball-specific workshop designed to support Club Welfare Officers.  The workshop uses easy to follow, practical volleyball-related examples and case studies to enable you to fully understand your role in the club and how you can effectively safeguard young people and vulnerable adults in your care.
TTL is developed by the Child Protection in Sport Unit of the NSPCC.
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For more information on Time to Listen courses, how to set up a course in your locality or anything else safeguarding related please contact

– Rob Payne ( Safeguarding Lead) 

– r.payne@volleyballengland.org

– 01509 227738


What will you learn?

The workshop includes the following topics:

  • What the roles and responsibilities of key people in the safeguarding process are such as your role as a Club Welfare Officer
  • How Volleyball England supports you and your club in safeguarding matters
  • How Volleyball England’s reporting procedure works
  • What an ‘aware club’ is
  • How to involve young people in your club
  • How to develop best practice in your club
  • How government guidance/legislation relates to your role and Volleyball England.