2014-15 East mids volleyball league applications open

A new season approaches and applications for new teams to enter both women’s and men’s league are open. We will also need current teams to re-affirm their wish to play this season. Attached to this article is the application form which provides the rules and details that each club/team will need to provide. Apart from the obvious team contact details we are requiring the details for your club chair, treasurer and club secretary as clubs have stopped providing these annually which means we can not communicate effectively.

We will require name, email and mobile number for all players (for U18’s parents/guardian details) and all players will be registered on the EMVA website with an uploaded photo.


Per team £40 reduced to £25 if they have played all their games in the previous season.

Players £2.50 per adult – Under 18’s no charge

East Midlands volleyball league rules

A – All matches are played to the latest Volleyball England rules and it is the coaches/players’ responsibility to have an understanding of these rules.

B -For all matches the following equipment is required: If you have any challenge with any of these let us know

2 x Fixed, rounded volleyball posts / 1 x Match quality volleyball / 1 x Volleyball England Scoresheet pad / 1 x Flip scoreboard / 1x suitable competition net & antennae / 10x Line up sheets (rotation slips)

C – No more than 3x NVL registered players may be on court at one time. Unless aged under 18 as of the 1st Sep at the beginning of the 2014-15 season

D – Matches should be best of five sets, played to 25 (by 2 clear points) or to 15 (by 2 clear points) in the 5th set if required. Three league points will be awarded for a win and one league point for a loss. All matches will be recorded on an official score sheet (3x carbonated sheets) a copy to be given to away team Match results will need to be recorded on www.eastmidlandsvb.com (details to follow)

E– It is the responsibility of the home team to arrange the necessary officials. As a minimum:

a) 1x Volleyball England qualified and registered referee (minimum Grade 4) –

b) A trained scorer comfortable with completing the score sheet

c) and if poss 2 line judges (nice to have but not essential)

F– The fixtures will be split into 2 sections – 1/10/14 – 31/1/15 and then 1/2/15 – 30/5/15. It is the responsibility of both teams to make sure the fixtures are arranged with in that given period and all reasonable efforts must be made to arrange them. If a match isn’t played within the given period it is forfeited…. there will be no carry over.

Any forfeited games will be investigated by the EMVA fixtures secretary and a decision will be made to the awarding of points. When arranging matches all correspondence should be CC’d to fixtures@eastmidlandsvb.com.

If a team has restrictions on player availability (ie University term times) at different times of the season we can look to adjust things.. you must discuss these with us as soon as possible.

G– After a fixture is arranged if either side cancel within five days before the fixture, the other team will be awarded the match 25-0 25-0 25-0.

H – All players must be registered with East midlands volleyball association prior to playing a regional league match. Players may only be registered for one regional league team at any one time. For in-season transfers contact EMVA fixtures secretary.

I – League positioning will be determined as follows: 1) League points 2) Sets ratio (sets for ÷ sets against) 3) Points ratio (points for ÷ points against) 4) Matches between the two teams.

Promotion/Relegation – Mens Top/Bottom teams will be promoted/relegated respectively 2nd Top/Bottom teams will playoff to determine relegation/promotion (this may change subject to number of teams entered into div 2)


Any appeal against the rules of the EMVA should be forwarded by email or in writing to the League Secretary by the 31st May 2014. Appeals to any subsequent decision must be made within seven days to the EMVA Secretary, where the Volleyball England appeals process will be followed. The decision of the EMVA Committee will be final.


Each team will need to nominate an MVP (most valuable player) from the opposing side at each match and these need to be recorded on the match scoresheet. Each season there will be an award (per league) for the player with the most votes


Volleyball England have changed the sanction rules in 2013 – we hope that it doesn’t come to this, however… 

Yellow card – formal warning only    Red Card – Team sanction – opposing side gains serve and 1pt

Red and Yellow(held separately) – Player (or bench personnel) is expelled off court – No team sanction

Red and Yellow(held together) – Player (or bench personnel) is disqualified from match – No team sanction

If a player (or bench personnel) is expelled or disqualified the referee will need to send a match report to the fixtures secretary. In the event of an expelling or disqualification and after due consideration a further sanction may be applied by the EMVA.

Errors and ommissions

EMVA reserve the right to change the structure, rules or administration of the East mid leagues and in the event of an error or omission being identified will communicate to all teams as soon as possible.