OPENED – New team applications for East mids volleyball leagues

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Most counties in the East mids region organise leagues and/or competitions through the standard season (Sept to May) whether it is mixed-sex leagues, mens & womens leagues or grand prix style events.

These cater for social / recreational groups as well as clubs that compete in the regional and national leagues.

Every year the East Midlands Volleyball Association opens up applications to all groups, clubs and entities that are interested in competing in the EMVA regional league.

We will consider any application from inside the East midlands region (and possibly if you are just outside).

We have 1x womens league and 2x mens leagues (D1 & D2) with the Mens Div 2 accepting applications from mixed-sex teams.

This was introduced last year to help new or developing clubs compete at a higher level than just the local scene and if they dont have enough players to submit a womens team or mens team entirely it will hellp them to grow.

The level in all 3 leagues is competitive and many teams feature National league players (restricted numbers on court).

We recommend a minimum of 8 players committed to the team to make it viable.

So if you are an established group or club that wants to enter into the league or a new club that needs an outlet to play against others get in touch.

League applications