Womens volleyball league 2014-15 – March update


With 3 months left of the 2014-15 season and the womens table is looking mighty close. Ashfield vipers have actually lost 1 match this season and just winning some others by the skin of their teeth. Also, after seeing some of the other matches in this league I can see the standard has been raised in the other teams as well.

This means  that at the moment there are 4 teams in contention to be league champions this year.

A new MVP (most valued player) system (as per Volleyball England national leagues) has been incorporated into our leagues this year with the highest MVP winning an award at the end of the season.

 4A.Oke – Lincoln Leopards
 1M.Babinska – Darkstar
 1S.Bertts – Ashfield Vipers
 1R.Murray – Darkstar
 1E.Prina – Nottm Rockets
 1C.Greaves – Hermitage
 1M.Worley – Ashfield Vipers
 1A.Kenilworthy – Ashfield
 1A.Burt – Hermitage
 1H.Fletcher – Hermitage
 1R.Symmonds – Nottm Rockets