Lincolnshire FGP 2009 /10

Lincolnshire Volleyball Information


Junior Freestyle Grand Prix

The ‘Freestyle Grand Prix’ is the Lincolnshire League for Juniors – it gives Junior players the opportunity to play competitive Volleyball on a regular basis.  

Juniors turn up to the events as individual players and get put into randomly selected teams on the day.

Depending on numbers attending, the format will either be 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4.

Individual player ranking points are awarded for every match played and are added up throughout the season.

Each player also scores ranking points for their Club or School.

There will be 10 matches played at every event however duration of the matches is decided on the day.

There will be 7 FGP events throughout the season, dates below:












Following a short break during exam time summer sessions start. All summer dates are to be confirmed.


·        Again, although it is a Lincolnshire programme; juniors from around the region are welcome to attend these sessions as extra training (there is a £3 charge per session).



 Mentoring Sessions

·         Lincoln Cannons Volleyball Club offer a mentoring scheme to coaches, volunteers, parents etc.

·         There will be 3 or 4 dates over the year where other coaches in the area can attend.

·         If anyone is interested in attending any of the mentoring sessions please get in touch with Lincoln Cannons Volleyball Club  (07974 566832 – and you will be sent information when sessions are arranged.