Lets Play Volleyball In Nottinghamshire

I am very pleased to announce that the Nottinghamshire County Volleyball Association is once again up and running. Our first task has been to form a new committee and we held our first meeting on Monday the 26th of September 2011. One of the main aims of the Association is quite simple, to increase the number of people participating in Volleyball in the County. To that end our first initiative is going to be to set up a central venue competition once a month at the new Nottinghamshire Volleyball Centre Southglade Leisure Centre.

A recent investment by Volleyball England at Southglade has helped to create a smart two court venue for us to make use of. We would like to start this competition by the middle of November and we have provisionally booked Southglade on Sundays from 11 am – 3pm.

We are unsure at the moment what type of competition would be most beneficial to teams in Nottinghamshire. To try and decide this we would like to hear from you about what format you would prefer and what players would be available and what teams you are likely to be able to put out.

At this stage we are only asking you to express an interest, so could you please let me know the following TEAMS How many Mens Teams/Players would you like to enter?

How many Ladies Teams/ Players would you like to enter?

How many Mixed Teams Players would you like to enter?

How Many Jnr Teams/Players would you like to enter?

The following formats have been suggested so far….

League – 3 x set matches, everyone plays everyone over the season

Grand Prix – Shorter but more games with a winner each week but also an overall winner at the end of the season

Tournament – Again shorter games playing everyone else on the day

My preferred option at this stage is to run with a Grand Prix style competition therefore players/teams not having to commit to every session but benefiting those who do

Which Format do you prefer? Have you another format to suggest?

Could you please reply to the e-mail by the 16th October with the players/teams that might be interested in playing and your suggestions for the format, an any suggestions on how we can develop volleyball in the County

Yours in Volleyball