Junior Volleyball Training and Grand Prix Session dates

East_mids_volleyball_junior_boys_-_Inter_regional_2016-17 East_mids_volleyball_junior_girls_team_photo_2016-17

Junior volleyball training in the East Midlands is open to all Juniors

Like last year, we are combining the U17 Grand Prix with regional training. All Grand Prix events will be taking place at Loughborough College from 9am until 2pm. The time will be  roughly equally divided between Grand Prix and training. Junior Volleyball Calendar

The dates are as follows:

17 November Boys
24 November Girls
5 January Boys
12 January Girls
9 February Boys
16 February Girls
9 March Boys
16 March Girls

The East Midlands U17 Grand Prix (JuVoLe) and Junior Development Program is open to all and any juniors that are located or train in the 5 counties of East midlands (England).  Whether you train in a social group, a school, or a volleyball club please contact us for more information. Contact the EMVA

You do not need a full team to be able to enter the Grand Prix.  Whether you are a coach, teacher or parent and have 1 or more juniors wanting to get involved then please let us know.

If you are looking for more help or support with your juniors please reach out to us.